Assisting dialysis facilities to improve both staff and patient awareness of specific patient safety areas, promoting patient safety values, and building a culture of patient safety in every dialysis facility.

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The privacy of our website visitors is important to us. Therefore, our Internet Privacy Policy is as follows:
  • We will not obtain personal identification about you when you visit our site, unless you choose to provide such information.
  • While we will make every attempt to protect the personal information you may share with us, electronic mail is not secure against interception. If your communication is sensitive or includes identifiers such as your Social Security number or medical history, you may want to consider sending by another means, such as the U.S. postal service.
  • The information you send through e-mail may be shared with other Networks, CMS, or Medicare if applicable and with your permission. It will not be shared with any other third parties.
  • Your personal information will be used only for such purposes as described by you and only at point of request or collection.
  • This policy may be revised as needed. Updates will be posted here.

Program Participants

Our General Privacy Policy listed above applies, in addition to the additional points below:
  • The facility's name may be used on this website and on the facility's corresponding Network website and in Network communications to recognize the facility's  participation and/or status in the 5-Diamond Patient Safety Program
  • Information listed on the web can be captured by other entities and displayed on their websites, despite having originated on the 5-Diamond Patient Safety Program website. 
  • The 5-Diamond Patient Safety Program and its officers, agents, and employees are released from any and all liability connected with the use or disclosure of these materials.
  • All rights, interest, or claim for payment are waived in connection with any exhibition, use or disclosure of these materials.

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