Assisting dialysis facilities to improve both staff and patient awareness of specific patient safety areas, promoting patient safety values, and building a culture of patient safety in every dialysis facility.

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Medical Record Documentation Errors


Upon completion of this module, dialysis facility personnel will be able to:
  • define and explain the purpose of the medical record
  • describe the Federal regulatory requirements governing healthcare facilities (Code of Federal Regulations)
  • detail the ESRD Interpretive Guidelines relevant to medical record documentation
  • discuss common medical record documentation errors
  • explain how EQRS documentation requirements tie into batch practices and HIEs
  • identify best practices to prevent safety errors
  • engage patients and families to enhance their culture of safety

Activities Required for Diamond Status/Measures: 

In order to receive Diamond Status, your facility must meet the measures listed below: 
  • 100% of staff complete pre-test (available in English or Spanish)
  • 100% of staff complete the pre-in-service questionnaire (available in English or Spanish)
  • 100% of staff complete in-service training module PowerPoint Presentation on medical record documentation errors (available in English or Spanish)
  • 100% of staff complete the post-test (available in English or Spanish)
  • Identify your facility's QARM Security Official and provide his/her email address.
  • Complete online Reporting Form
If you would like to participate with your facility to earn Diamond status, please
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so you may access the module tools, resources, and reporting forms.

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