Assisting dialysis facilities to improve both staff and patient awareness of specific patient safety areas, promoting patient safety values, and building a culture of patient safety in every dialysis facility.

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Care Coordination/Care Transitions


Upon completion of this module, dialysis facility personnel will be able to:
  • define care coordination and care transitions
  • discuss challenges associated with care coordination
  • interpret the patient centered medical home care model
  • identify personnel or high impact job tasks to improve care coordination
  • identify potential interventions to support care coordination and transitions
  • identify best practices to prevent safety errors
  • engage patients and families to enhance their culture of safety 

Activities Required for Diamond Status/Measures: 

In order to receive Diamond Status, your facility must meet the measures listed below: 
  • 100% of staff complete pre-test (available in English or Spanish)
  • 100% of staff complete in-service training module PowerPoint Presentation on care coordination/care transitions (available in English or Spanish)
  • 100% of staff complete the post-test (available in English or Spanish)
  • Complete online Reporting Form
If you would like to participate with your facility to earn Diamond status, please
click here to register/log-in
so you may access the module tools, resources, and reporting forms.
If your facility completes and submits this module as complete, all nurses who participated with their facility may apply for 1.0 continuing education credit for their participation. In order to receive continuing education credit: Credit will not be issued until after your facility has submitted the module's final step: the Culture of Safety Reporting Form, via the 5-Diamond Patient Safety Program website, and it has been marked as Complete by the 5-Diamond system.*

*If you encounter an issue with obtaining continuing education credit, please verify your facility has submitted the required module Reporting Form and that it has been marked Complete before contacting the National Office.

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