Assisting dialysis facilities to improve both staff and patient awareness of specific patient safety areas, promoting patient safety values, and building a culture of patient safety in every dialysis facility.

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How to Participate

Step 1

Register to gain access to the system.  You must register to access module tools, resources, reporting forms, and/or to earn Diamond status.  Users should register to View Only or to Participate for Diamond Status:
  • View Only - provides access to module tools & resources
  • Participate for Diamond Status - provides full site access, including access to module tools, resources, reporting forms, certificates, and enables user to earn Diamond status

Fresenius Facilities
All Fresenius facilities have already been pre-registered by corporate using your clinic’s email address. 

Only one account per facility may be set-up. If you try to set-up an account and receive an error message, please contact the national 5-Diamond Patient Safety program manager for direct assistance at

To register, all other users will need:
  • Facility Name
  • Facility Ownership (FMC, DaVita, Independent, etc.)
  • Total # of staff (including MD, SW, and Dietitian)
  • Total # of patients
Choose registration type (View Only or Participate for Diamond Status)
  • Facility CCN
Provide your contact information (your email address will be your User Name) and set your password

Step 2

If you registered to “View Only”

You may begin accessing any of the module tools and resources.  You will not have access to module Reporting Forms or be able to submit modules for Diamond status.  If you would like to do so, please visit your Profile page under the Participants menu tab, to change your registration to Participate for Diamond Status, then proceed to “If you registered to Participate for Diamond Status:” below:

If you registered to “Participate for Diamond Status”

Once you've received confirmation that you are registered, you may begin working on the mandatory module, Culture of Safety or, new for 2020, you may work on the COVID-19 module as your first module.  The Culture of Safety module is a mandatory first module for all participants, each program year, however with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, either module will be accepted to fulfill the mandatory requirement.

To view list of modules, choose Modules, under the Participants menu tab, then select the module you will begin with.

The mandatory module should be completed within three months of submitting your application and must be completed by 100% of entire staff, including facility Dietitians, Management, Nurses, Medical Directors, Social Workers, and Technicians.  This does not mean all of your staff members need to access the 5-Diamond site; only one account per facility.  The account holder should act as a lead within his/her facility and download and distribute any materials required to his/her team.  This lead will also be responsible for
maintaining the facility’s account and entering
Reporting Form data.

Step 3

Download and distribute any necessary supporting documentation to complete the Activities Required for Diamond Status/Measures for the module (i.e. questionnaires, pre- or post-tests, etc.) and conduct your team in-service as required by the module.  Gather and summarize this documentation to enter on the module Reporting Form. 

Step 4

To access a module's reporting form, click the link on the individual module page, or click on Reporting Forms under the Participants menu tab. Enter required summary data and/or uploading/submitting any documents the module requires. 

Step 5

Immediate status notification is provided on-screen upon submission (i.e. module Approved; Additional Information Needed; etc.).  Updates to module status can also be viewed, at any time, on your Summary page (under the Participants menu tab; after log-in). Once approved, you will earn a Diamond and be able to print your module certificate.*

*Module certificates cannot be printed until after the mandatory Culture of Safety module or COVID-19 module (new for 2020) has been completed, thus it is advisable to complete one of these two modules first.

Step 6

Begin working on your next module!

Step 7

Upon completion of your last module, you will be required to complete a Program Review. The Program Review will be available on your facility’s Summary page.

The Program Review consists of your entire staff completing the mandatory Facility Post-Program Self-Assessment and the lead summarizing the response data and entering via an online reporting form.  The Program Review serves as a tool to measure growth in the culture of safety from when facilities began the program through completion. 

Once the Program Review is complete, you may access and print your 5th Diamond certificate from your Summary page.

For direct assistance with registering or accessing your facility’s 5-Diamond account, please contact

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