Assisting dialysis facilities to improve both staff and patient awareness of specific patient safety areas, promoting patient safety values, and building a culture of patient safety in every dialysis facility.

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Helpful Tips for Participants


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You may check your status online at any time, by logging into the site and visiting your Summary page (under the Participants menu tab).

How to Register
- All users must register each year to access the system.  You may only register a facility and email address one time.

If you receive one of the following error messages:
Error   What to do

User already registered for this provider number, only 1 user per provider number is permitted.

This means someone has already set-up an account for this facility.  Please try to log-in using your clinic's email address and/or verify with other team mates who is the lead for the program in your facility.

User 'yourname@youremailaddress' already exists


This means you have already registered using this email address.  Users may only use their email address one time.  If you cover multiple clinics, consider using the clinic email addresses and/or obtaining free Yahoo email or Gmail email accounts.

Forgotten Password - All communications, password reset links, updates to status, etc., will come to the email address listed as your User Name.  (Fresenius Participants:  Your User Name is your clinic's email address)

Profile Page - Please check your current staff and patient counts on your Profile page (under the Participants menu tab after log-in), prior to completing each module. These fields are editable to allow for turnover, etc. Be sure your current count s at time of in-service are entered, in case of audit.  

Synaptiv CE Availability - Synaptiv will issue 1.0 CE credit to each nurse completing the Culture of Safety in-service.  Click here for instructions on how to register with Synaptiv to receive credit.  The 5-Diamond Patient Safety Program is not responsible for and does not maintain CE records.  Please contact Synaptiv with any questions regarding your CE activity/account.

  • In order to receive Diamond status for the module, users must still complete the Culture of Safety module Reporting Form and submit via the 5-Diamond Patient Safety Program website.
  • The 1.0 Synaptiv CE is only available to nurses for the mandatory Culture of Safety module.
  • Diamond status for the program is determined seperately by activity performed on and submitted through the 5-Diamond Patient Safety Program website. 


Reporting Form Troubleshooting   

  • Each question on the reporting form is programmed.  If you receive error messages when trying to submit a module, carefully read the red text that appears in pop-up window.  Each line indicates what is wrong with any question triggering an error. **The most common errors relate to staff/patient counts on the user's Profile page; under the Participants menu after log-in.**.
  • Reporting forms are not editable once submitted for review.
  • Submission of a reporting form does not constitute automatic approval.  Modules are reviewed by Network Managers and/or the National Office to ensure measures have been met.  Users should regularly monitor their associated email account and/or log-in and check their Summary page for updates (request for additional information, module approval, or denial of Diamond status).


  • Random audits are performed throughout the year on module submissions; maintain your documentation.

Fresenius Participants Only (to fulfill national initiative):  You will be entering your data in both the FMC system and the 5-Diamond system. 


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