Assisting dialysis facilities to improve both staff and patient awareness of specific patient safety areas, promoting patient safety values, and building a culture of patient safety in every dialysis facility.

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Program Guidelines

  • The 5-Diamond Patient Safety Program is offered to dialysis facilities nationally. 
  • Each program year runs on an eleven month cycle: mid-January - mid-December.*
  • Participating facilities must register each program year.
  • Diamonds earned during one program year do not carry over to the next program year.
  • Facilities must complete the mandatory Culture of Safety module each year of participation in order to earn Diamond status and to print module certificates.  We recommend facilities complete this module first.
  • 100% of entire staff must participate in the mandatory Culture of Safety module (this includes Dietitians, Management, Nurses, Medical Directors, Social Workers, and Technicians).
  • Facilities are expected to begin work on completing the first module within three months of applying to participate in the program. If not, the facility will be considered inactive and must re-apply to participate.
  • Facilities must complete the mandatory Program Review upon the completion of their 3rd or 5th module (depending on new vs. renewal status) in order to access final/5-Diamond status certificate. 

*2020 and 2021 Program Years excluded. Due to the emergence of COVID-19 in 2020, the 2020 Program Year was extended until February 2021.  The 2021 Program Year will run from March 2021 through mid-December 2021.

Renewal of Status

  • Renewal of status is only offered to facilities that earned/renewed 5-Diamond status during the previous program year.
  • Renewal facilities must repeat the mandatory Culture of Safety module for each year status is renewed and complete two additional modules of their choosing.
  • Renewal facilities may repeat modules completed in previous program years.
  • Renewal facilities must complete the mandatory Program Review upon completion of their 3rd module in order to access final/5-Diamond status certificate.

Continuing Education Credit

Nurses & PCTs -- COMING SOON!!

The 5-Diamond Patient Safety Program is pleased to partner with Quality Insights to extend the option of 1.0 continuing education credit to nurses for completion of the mandatory Culture of Safety module in-service.  
  • Quality Insights will issue 1.0 CE credit to each nurse or PCT completing the Culture of Safety module.
  • AFTER your facility submits the mandatory Culture of Safety module reporting form, individual nurses and/or PCTs may seek credit for their participation. Please be sure your facility 5-Diamond lead has submitted the module reporting form before seeking credit, as the system will validate your request with your facility CCN's activity. 
Check Back Soon - This Feature Still Under Construction
  2. CHECK HERE OFTEN FOR THIS LINK TO BE ACTIVATED: Click here for instructions on how to register with Quality Insights to receive credit.    


The Nephrology Nursing Certification Commission (NNCC) will accept all 5-Diamond Patient Safety Program modules work towards the 30 hour/3-year CCHT re-certification requirements, if the module in-service is presented by a licensed RN within the facility.

Once the facility successfully completes a module, it earns a “Diamond” and prints a certificate from the participant summary page. The certificate can be duplicated, and the following information can be added:  
  • Name of the CCHT that participated

  • Date and name of the program

  • Number of Contact Hours Awarded (1.0)

  • Signature of licensed staff RN providing in-service program

‚ÄčThis information should be written/documented on the contact hour form contained within the CCHT re-certification application.  Please be sure to include "5-Diamond Program" in the title (ex. for Culture of Safety module, list as "5-Diamond Program: Culture of Safety"; for  the Hand Hygiene module, list as "5-Diamond Program: Hand Hygiene", etc.)

Download NNCC's CCHT Re-Certification Application Form

Access the NNCC's Online CCHT Re-Certification Application Form (requires user log-in)

It is estimated that each in-service will take approximately one hour, therefore the NNCC will credit each module in-service at 1.0 CE. The NNCC recognizes module completion towards technician recertification requirements only.

The 5-Diamond Patient Safety Program is not currently offering additional continuing education credit. 

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